Culture – An Accelerator Under-Used? Highlights from the #culture2030goal High-Level Political Forum Side Event

The side-event entitled “Culture – An Accelerator Under-Used? Realising the Potential of Culture for short-term and Long-term Sustainable Development” was organised by the coalition in the context of the United Nations High Level Political Forum 2020 (HLPF2020) on 13 July 2020, in order to discuss the role of culture in supporting resilience in the fact of COVID-19; building back better; and strengthening long-term sustainable development. The session also aimed at presenting the Statement in Culture and COVID-19, calling for action to integrate culture into short-term and long-term policy making.


The press-release and the flyer of the event:



The video, with main highlights of the #culture2030goal HLPF side-event: