Steering group

The Steering Group is a small core group of major networks working on cultural issues with a large international reach and a leadership role in our fields. We:

  • Contribute (significant) time and expertise in support of Campaign Goals and activities, including through their wider advocacy work
  • Work to engage their own networks in support of Campaign Goals
  • Lead work to define and deliver on activities



The current members of the Steering Group are

Culture Action
ICOMOSInternational Council on Monuments and Sites IFCCD
International Federation of Coalitions for Cultural Diversity
IFLAInternational Federation of Library Associations and Institutions IMC
International Music Council
(United Cities and Local Governments) Culture Committee – Agenda 21 for Culture

If you represent another major cultural network with significant international reach and a leadership role in the field, we will be happy to consider inclusion into the campaign steering group.

We invite your network to send us a letter to info (at) We note that for reasons of efficiency, we are aiming to keep the steering Group to a manageable size.