#Mondiacult 2022 side-event: A Culture Goal is essential for our Common Future

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Mexico City

MONDIACULT 2022 was focused on culture and sustainable development policies. Yet for all that we in the culture sector know the difference we make, it remains the case that culture is under-valued and under-appreciated at the level of the global development agenda - the UN’s 2030 Agenda.

MONDIACULT 2022 was a key moment in correcting this situation, and so making for more successful policies across the board, more inclusive societies, and a stronger and more dynamic cultural sector itself. In addition to ensuring that cultural policies themselves are effective, we need, in particular, to accelerate progress towards a world where ministers and leaders from all parts of government consider the role of culture, and cultural actors, from the outset.

To contribute to making this happen, this side event presented and discussed a Zero-draft of a future Culture Goal, as prepared by major global cultural networks, working together through the Culture 2030 Goal campaign. Based on expert inputs and a survey of actors across the field, the draft Goal will allow for a new focus in efforts to ensure that culture takes its place at the heart of development planning.